Top 5 legal limitations on pot use and possession in Washington

Top 5 legal limitations on pot use and possession in Washington

In this article, we will discuss the top five legal limitations on marijuana around Washington.

Back in the year 2012 November, the state law of Washington legalized recreational marijuana use and possession after passing Initiative 502. The new law is effective since that year. However, there is a certain limitation that comes along the legalization.

When asked, you will see most of the people will likely say that marijuana is legalized for recreation in the state of Washington. Now, what does that exactly mean?

It is essential to understand the limitations that come along with the pot use law — particularly the bans that come under federal law — it is important to know all the limitations in order to avoid criminal prosecution.

Below we have listed the top five limitations users should stay clear on. These limitations come under the law passed regarding recreational marijuana use and possession in the state of Washington.

Top 5 Limitation, you should stay aware of:

1. According to the new law, it is applied only to individuals 21 years of age and older. It is still illegal for minors (individuals under 21) to use marijuana for recreational purposes in Washington.

2. According to the law, any individual is legally allowed to use up to one ounce or less marijuana or dried marijuana leaves. However, if any individual is caught by any law official under more influence than one ounce, he/she may be charged a fine and possible jail time too.

3. Individuals are allowed legal use and possession up to 16 ounces (solid marijuana-infused product) Moreover, 72 ounces (liquid marijuana-infused product)

4. Even with a legalization law of marijuana use, it is still not allowed in a public setting- even if it is only once ounce or less. In such circumstances, individuals may face potential jail time or may end up with a fine up to 100$.

5. It is considered illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana according to the Washington DUI law. However, if any drivers are caught with five or more nanograms of active marijuana per milliliter in their blood will straightforwardly face DUI penalties. (It doesn’t matter whether the pot was consumed days prior to the drive. Washington still allows police to charge motorists with a DUI for merely having the drug in the body at the time of the stop.)

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