Latest DUI of Marijuana law in Washington

Latest DUI of Marijuana law in Washington

Here in this article we will cover the latest law against driving under the influence of marijuana in Washington.

Washington is one of the state that have passed legal laws allowing the use of marijuana under medical purpose or other purpose by adults under 21. However, as a result of this legalization, there are many questions that follow about enforcement of certain laws that dealt with marijuana crimes. One of which is the impact of this marijuana legalization is the DUI law in the state.
Over the past years, in order to make arrests on driving under the influence of marijuana the law officers needs to show clear evidence that the driver was under the drug influence while driving. However there is no limit that had to be presented as an evidence for any drug. However the laws are slightly different when it comes to DUI of marijuana charges.

Moreover, after the initiative that legalized the use of marijuana the voters claimed for the changes in Washington’s DUI laws too. According to the law now anyone found with more than 5 nanogram active drug per milliliter of blood can be charged for DUI of marijuana. However, it is similar to the law for 8% alcohol found in the blood while driving. The 5 nanograms limit is one used by other jurisdictions as well.

The law critics however does not take the differences between alcohol and marijuana into consideration. They believe that marijuana affects each individual in a different way. Considering people who use marijuana as a medical treatment over the years, can build up more tolerance as a comparison. In short, the legal limit implied by the DUI law is way less than there tolerance level.

The penalties that are charged for driving under the influence of marijuana are similar to those that can be imposed for an alcohol-related DUI. Moreover, a conviction can further results in fines, jail time and moreover, with the loss of a driver’s license. And, in case where individual has had prior DUI convictions, the penalties will increase.

The changes in the DUI law of Washington’s now many more people will face DUI charges. A conviction for DUI can lead to problems that can haunt a person many years after the case has been concluded.

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